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anne davis: buy cd

letters, prayers, and journal entries - CD

the story behind the project:

four score and seven years ago began a little 8 song studio project that just grew and many a moon came and went.

i actually thought i would be 24 years of age when my first cd project would be released. i never in my "bizarrest of bizarre" dreams ever even considered the possibility that i might be 31 when the day of completion would finally arrive "turtle speed".....i didn't know mt. everest was awaiting my ascent.

but, i can now say with a great sigh of relief, after holding my breath for so many years, and adding several more grey hairs to my collection in the process....."IT IS FINISHED".

to attempt to sum up just some of my thoughts/feelings on the extreme long length of time it has taken to birth this baby, i shall quote words by anthony skinner's father, ralph.....

"everything i've ever done that's been worth doing has taken twice as long, been twice as hard, and cost twice as much as i thought it would."

this is MY story and i'm sticking to it.


anne davis