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anne davis: bits o' news

"come a little closer" music video from Japan - February 3, 2016

So, I just happened to stumble across this wonderfully filmed video with my song "come a little closer" used as the background song for someone in Japan to display their filming talents. They entitled it Panasonic LX100 YOKOHAMA.

Enjoy! :-)


"where the roads cross" played on British podcast - January 20, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hope this year started off with a BANG bringing only good things with it! Mine certainly did, ushering in the New Year shooting off fireworks for hours in the cold with my nephew and us running quickly inside the house every time we accidentally shot a firework into neighbors' windows and front doors. OOPS! Accidents happen. ;-)

Just heard from the one and only Nick Tann in Britain and he let me know that "where the roads cross" was recently included on an episode on IS THIS THING ON PODCAST. If you'd like to listen in, click on this link, and off you'll go! 

Many thanks to Nick for including me in on the fun!

God bless each and every one of you and may you long look back on this year as one of your very best...

And, please feel free to come find me on my facebook artist page [ ] if you'd like to connect.

Love hearing from each of you! :-)


"where the roads cross" video by gordys suarez - October 2, 2014

I just happened to run across this video on youtube that someone did of my song "where the roads cross" and thought I would share it. Enjoy!


featured in an Italian podcast "Speciale" - June 26, 2014

Claudio Olla, from Italy, contacted me and asked if it was ok for him to do a Podcast "Speciale" on Spreaker highlighting some of my songs, and naturally, I was truly honored and thanked him. So, while I can not understand what he is saying in Italian before and after my songs, I am sincerely grateful for his interest in wanting to share my music with his listeners. If you'd like to tune in, the link to do so is .... :-)

"awakening" included in the latest Is This Thing On? Podcast - June 2, 2014

I'm so pleased to share that Nick Tann out of Britain has included my song "awakening" on his Is This Thing On? Podcast. If you'd like to tune in, the show is #225 and the link to the podcast is ...Also, the podcast is played weekly on Splash Music Internet Radio at, so check it out if you're looking for a little musical adventure! :-)

LIVE "on air" radio interview now posted online - May 23, 2014

Ok, so for everyone who has asked...the radio show interview that I did with Doug Dickens (DJ on on a Tuesday evening is now up at and the show is "Anne Davis show 2014-04-29 195015"...all you do is just click on that part of the show actually does not begin until around the 49 minute mark, so just a little FYI...the entire radio show last around 2 1/2 hours and Doug actually plays my ENTIRE CD and interviews me off and on during the radio, it's pretty lengthy, but I really had a blast doing it...really grateful for the opportunity!

LIVE "on air" interview with Doug Dickens - April 24, 2014

So...IF you were looking for a bit of extra entertainment this PAST Tuesday evening at 7:00pm (Central Standard Time) which was April 22nd, the radio show didn't happen. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to technical difficulties...BUT, it has now been rescheduled for this coming Tuesday evening, which is April 29th, at the same time. I will be participating in a LIVE "on air" radio show where I'll be interviewed off and on throughout the, I've not done a LIVE radio interview in several, wish me luck? If you want to tune in for that trainwreck, I mean, "good times had by all" evening, the link is http://www.mixposure/mix_radio/, feel free to come support me...or laugh at me...either one! :-) The radio show lasts about 2 hours or so and is actually called DOUG DICKENS' SHOWCASE OF INDEPENDENT ARTISTS...and his Tuesday evening shows are called "Nothing But The Blues"...but, he reassured me that he did know that I do NOT play the blues...I made certain that was SUPER clear, because the name of the show is rather confusing for me personally. :-), come join in on the fun!

my online interview spotlighted on Jamendo's "Artists Corner" - April 22, 2014

So....I've mentioned Jamendo before...perhaps I should share just a little more. Jamendo is an international music website where podcasters and radio stations often go to get "royalty-free" music to play which allows the artists/bands to receive extra amounts of exposure throughout the world, so basically it's a "win win" situation for everyone involved. I have no idea HOW this happened, but my song "awakening" hit #1 on Jamendo's Top 10 All Genres out of over 30, 000 artists/bands listed on Jamendo. My mouth dropped wide open when I saw what had happened, needless to say....and, thus far, "awakening" has received 116,241 plays. Anyway, they contacted me to see if I would be up for doing an online written interview so I could be spotlighted in their "Artists Corner" ( So, it's now posted online for all to read. If you've ever wanted to pick my brain a little on music related topics and more on what my experience was like when I recorded Letters, Prayers, And Journal Entries, this is probably a pretty good interview for that.

The Bugcast has done it again! - April 10, 2014

SO....I got another welcomed e-mail from Dave Lee from The Bugcast telling me that his wife Caroline had chosen my song "awakening" to play on their podcast the same time he had chosen "temple of contradictions", they decided they would play "temple of contradictions" on Episode #307 and then the next week, play "awakening" on Episode #308 and that's just what they did...they are truly a delightful couple and a lot of fun to listen to! if you'd like to listen in, just click this link right here...

I absolutely love being played in the midst of other artists/bands from all over the world! I really love how music connects us all...

oh, and also, Dave happened to mention that "awakening," at the time of his e-mail, was at #2 in Jamendo's Top 10 all, there's some cool fun news! I just have to laugh because I have no idea HOW that happened...I'm just sincerely grateful and humbled that people seem to really be connecting with that song...a songwriter's hope and dream. :-)

"where the roads cross" included on Rathole Radio - April 8, 2014

Thanks to Dan Lynch for including my song "where the roads cross" on his latest podcast on Rathole Radio! To tune in to the show, just click right here on this link...

As always, REALLY thankful to be included!

2 songs featured on Erk FM: International - April 5, 2014

Erk sent me an e-mail yesterday letting me know that he was back in Australia from his extended overseas trip, and that he has featured 2 of my songs..."awakening" and "where the roads cross"....on Erk FM: International episode 437 which is now available at

So, THANKS, Erk, for showcasing my songs on your podcast!

I'm really grateful! :-)

"temple of contradictions" included on The Bugcast - April 1, 2014

so, I got an e-mail from Dave Lee, the co-host and producer of The Bugcast, who by the way won "European Podcast Award 2012 - UK Personality Winner," telling me that he wanted to include "Temple of Contradictions" in their latest podcast....which I was really pleased about and felt truly honored....

and, he also shared this--"I had a listen to your music the other day, and if you don't mind me saying so, you sound so much like Amy Grant...both in the timbre of your voice, and also the musical style. That is a serious plus in my eyes (ears?), so of course I'd love to feature you on The Bugcast." of course, I then wrote back thanking him for the compliment and shared that I had actually been listening to Amy Grant since I was in the 7th grade, so I really appreciated his words....anyway, a fun exchange!

If you'd like to listen in to the podcast, the link for Episode #307 is

BIG THANKS to Dave Lee and his wife, from South Yorkshire in the UK, for including me on their show!

"awakening" in Jamendo's "Top 10 all genres" - March 28, 2014

so....the things that go on behind your back when you're not watching...several weeks ago, I uploaded several of my songs to Jamendo ( so that podcasters could find my music better and share them with more music listeners...well, I just happened to learn that my song "awakening" is in their "Top 10 all genres" list and with 19,765 listens thus far....

and...I just got an e-mail from Jamendo that they send out to everyone on their mailing list showing that Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries is one of the "Staff Picks" for the month of march...

so, considering that I had NO IDEA these things were going on until yesterday and today, I felt it was just a little fun news to share and pass along! :-)

GREAT BIG THANKS to Jamendo for spotlighting my music!

"temple of contradictions" played on Poland's moj odtwarzacz podcast - March 14, 2014

I'm always so honored if a podcast plays ANY of my songs because I know they have thousands of artist/singer/songwriters they can choose, to be selected for inclusion once by a podcast means a lot to me....well, this cool podcast from Poland, moj odtwarzacz, decided they wanted to play a second song of mine...this time it was "temple of contradictions."

to listen in to moj odtwarzacz's podcast show #371, you can click here...

once again, thanks to Borys Kozielski for playing my music!

"awakening" just played on cool podcast in poland - March 4, 2014

I'm so honored to share that "awakening" has just been included in Poland's moj odtwarzacz podcast show 2012, moj odtwarzacz received the EUROPEAN PODCAST AWARD and was the national winner. so pleased to be a part of such a great podcast show! if you'd like to listen in, you can click on this link here...

thanks to Borys Kozielski for playing my music!

I truly appreciate it...

"where the roads cross" played on Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast - February 24, 2014

just got an e-mail from Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast ("Bringing the eclectic straight to your ears") letting me know that they had just included my song "where the roads cross" on their latest Episode 120....if you'd like to tune in and take a listen to their radio show, click on this link right here....

I really appreciate being included alongside these wonderfully talented artist/singer/songwriters from all over the world! GREAT show!

"days like these" just added to podcast - February 20, 2014

"Days Like These" is now being featured on Mr. Ed's 2-Song Spotlight Presentation. It's hosted at the Shoutomatic site. Also, they're now on Stitcher Radio, a free app in the app store. This gives featured music potentially millions of new listeners! In addition, the podcast is streamed live twice over iJoy Radio, at 12 noon est and again the next morning at 7a.m. est. Catch it at . In addition, there is a link-list to all previous 445 episodes in this series found at the Podomatic page.

THANKS to Ed Ovett for adding my song!

just updated my music alley/mevio artist page - February 17, 2014

so, i just went and updated my Music Alley artist page...or is it Mevio artist page? that's still rather confusing to me. i guess they are one in the same, yes? while i was there i noticed you could check out all the podcasts that have played you and i've got to say....i was REALLY REALLY blown away! i scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and they just kept coming. seriously....WOW. thanks to all the podcasters who have played the mess out of so many of my songs! i had NO IDEA! i really don't have adequate words...but, just...THANK YOU. i'm truly grateful and humbled.

while i was there doing a little bit of updating and dusting off, i noticed on the side where it listed "temple of contradictions" as being in the "TOP 10 MUSIC ALLEY FOLK ROCK TRACKS" and coming in at #5...i have no idea when that happened, but apparentally it did at some point. it's amazing what goes on even when you have no idea that it is... (thinking to myself and smiling)

made it into the top 10 at for the month of january - January 15, 2014

here's just a little bit of quick news.

i was pleased to learn that my songs "where the roads cross" and "no, i'm not going anywhere" made it into the top 10 in the folk genre out of 209 other songs.

so, I guess, so far so good....

thanks to everyone who voted!

I really do appreciate it.

at first official newsletter was sent out! - December 29, 2013

yes, it's true....AT LONG LAST, i finally sat down, collected my thoughts, and sent out my first "official" artist newsletter! considering that i have been MIA for so much of the past 5 years, i felt it was time for me to check in with everyone and touch base and give a little bit of an update. if you missed out on that newsletter, you can now read it on my blog, where i copied and pasted it there. just felt like i needed to let all the people who have signed up for my newsletter throughout the years to know a little bit more of what's been going on in my corner of the world.

if you are not signed up for my newsletter yet, please feel free to do so at the top of the screen. i do plan on staying better connected from here on out! and if you'd like more of a weekly update, I'd love to connect with you on facebook and/or twitter....just click on the above widgets.....those little round buttons. :-)

hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Happy New Year!


here are a few reviews from - July 1, 2013

i rarely share feedback from personal reviews i receive, but was inspired to share a handful from i'm truly grateful and deeply touched!

"Another songwriter with such a warm, engaging vocal presentation is Anne Davis. She reminds me of the days gone by when a singer/songwriter could get up on stage and just capture your attention with a well crafted song and heartwarming presentation." --Douglas Dickens (DJ from

feedback for AWAKENING--

"I personally discovered Anne Davis a number of years ago and just love the honesty of her song writing and vocal performance. "Awakening" is well written and performed. Take a listen to Anne's body of work. You will not be disappointed."

"This is brilliant, soulful, honest and the best damn thing I've heard in years! Wow!"

"Love your songwriting....Lyrics....AWESOME!! Your vocals/harmonies are fab... Stellar backing tracks...:) ALL THE BEST!"

feedback for WHERE THE ROADS CROSS--

"Listening to this again, and again...A song I have often returned to, and enjoyed. I have broadcasted on MixStream Radio, as well as some of the other Dj's~ and this always gets such a fine reception. Truly, a beautiful song, thanks again for sharing!!"

"This song is amazing and production and guitar play is top of the pro."

"Amazingly simple and quite beautiful. The production and recording is top notch. The vocals are to die for. Everything in the mix sounds like it was meant to be right where it is. This tune isn't a gut punch, it's a caress to the chest right over the heart. Just amazing... can't wait to hear more."

feedback for NO, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE--

"No I'm not going anywhere" is what intimate, personal songwriting should be. "I'm with you until the bitter end..." That lyric speaks of being there for someone, no matter what. Another very real song from Anne..."

"A warm style here...Miss Davis, this is a fine song. Great songwriting on display. I love a good lyric. I like that you seem to have your own niche that makes you YOU...original. Keep that always. Very endearing. Well done!"

"Easy on the ears~ I'm really enjoying the overall style of your music...Start to finish- easy to say- you create songs that I would listen to again & again."


"Hi Anne, I like this one heck of a lot. Folk rock is just about my favourite genre, and you do it exceedingly well. Great fast build to the mix - musicianship, vocals, songwriting and recording skills all topnotch and pro. I particularly like how you fit the lyrics into the melody, and feel you have a very unusual and unique approach here. One of my favourite things is to read lyrics first, then see how the musician fits them in melodically. Your lyrics already read very nicely, even without the addition of your melodic skills. I'm now off to listen to your other songs. Well done and bravo (claps loudly)"

"With a lovely voice and awesome skills like this, I do believe the future looks bright for you in music! Really enjoyed listening to your song...wonderful, wonderful, wonderful music to my ears!! :)"

"Temple of contradictions" another deeply spiritual song from Anne Davis. Every piece of music I hear from Anne speaks to something deep inside me. I believe it will do the same for you."

liverpool acoustic podcast - January 30, 2013

thanks SO much to LIVERPOOL ACOUSTIC for including me in their latest podcast....i was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the other artists played along side me. if this is your type of music, i highly recommend listening in! you won't be disappointed!.... :-) (who does most of my distribution) has now come out with a NEW music store widget where you can instantly buy my CDs and download any songs you'd like as, there you go...many happy listenings to you! :-) - January 28, 2013

"The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown" - January 24, 2013

"The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown" is a weekly radio show that has featured my song "WHERE THE ROADS CROSS" to this and last week's show.  I really appreciate the extra attention given to this song!....A new show airs every Monday on the Indie Music Channel website ( ) and each show remains available, on-demand, 24/7/365, so anyone can catch each show online or on smartphones - anywhere, anytime! If you go to and look for Show #113 January 28, 2013, i'm coming in at #9 out of the TOP can even vote for my song there if you want! :-)

2 new radio adds.... - January 22, 2013

today, "where the roads cross" got 2 new radio adds....added to rotation on Mix 106 and The Moose 94.5. if you've got nothing else to do, feel free to listen in...and if you get REALLY excited about it, i won't get mad if you let them know you like them spinning my song.... ;-)

Here are the links:

i guess that's all i've got for now....
happy tuesday, everyone! :-)

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