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anne davis: music/behindthemusic

where the roads cross

(anne davis)

the story behind the song--

what's a little odd (though becoming not so odd with me these days) is it took me several years to finally finish this song. i kept attempting several different angles and eventually landed on the lyrics i was trying to find all along. i'm pleased with how the song came together and that's a difficult thing for me to say--because so often i feel like i could have written the song just a little better or i have this nagging feeling that had i only dug a little deeper i might have found better word choices that could have articulated my thoughts in a way that could have taken the song to the next level--and sometimes, i can even let myself feel like i've somehow let the song down. glad to say that on this particular song, i feel like i achieved what i was shooting for.




i want to crawl under the ground

find a shovel and dig deep down

i want to wait so still and quiet

till you come and find me

so, i'm scared spitless

i'm not as brave as i once was

so i'm here shaking

runny, messy, pretty pathetic



can you hear me from where you are?

will you meet me where the roads cross?

i am almost desperate

broken in spirit

i am almost admitting

i've never felt so lost

where the roads cross

where the roads cross


i guess i'm disenchanted

with what i've left and forsaken

truth is, i have no other place to go

i'm a nomad in the making

scabs on my knees from crawling

callouses on the soles of my feet

all the mileage it's taken me to learn

how to be weak, how to be needy





will you reassure me

that you're closing the distance?

'cause sometimes it feels like

there's a universe between us

where the roads cross

where the roads cross


written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)



acoustic guitar-shane martin

acoustic upright bass-ron de la vega