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anne davis: music/behindthemusic

no, i'm not going anywhere

(anne davis)

the story behind the song--

one day when i was working for a small music publishing company, there was basically nothing left for me to do that required my attention that day. so, i picked up a really nice old guitar--there were always these cool, upscale, old guitars sitting around in every room--they just sat around unplayed and always wore rusty strings that must have not been re-strung for at least a zillion years--well, it was raining lightly outside and i began to feel a bit nostalgic and sentimental....and there came this moment where the melody just fell into place out of nowhere and it seemed the lyrics to the first verse very naturally unfolded. it actually took me around 3/4 years to return to the song to wrap it up. it felt like a relief to finish it and let it become a song. it still continues to be one of my favorites.




the door is open

come on in

this place is a wreck

but if you're brave enough you're welcome

pull up a chair

i'll put on some coffee

looks like the pull of this life has worn you thin

please know you got a friend



no, i'm not going anywhere

regardless of the weather

let the winds blow

and storms beat down

i'm with you till the bitter end


so go ahead

go where you need to go

if your heart is caving in

you can say so

if you need a safe place

you got one

whatever you need, please know

i'm praying you some





so if any time along the way

you need to be sure of me

look over next to you

and there i'll be.






written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)



percussion-carl albrecht

acoustic guitar-shane martin

accordion-michael webb