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anne davis: music/behindthemusic


(anne davis)

the story behind the song--

there is SO much "story" behind this song that it would take me a rather lengthy amount of room to share what each metaphor or symbolic lyric is "code" for....

BUT, a quick example would be...."i naively drank the poison"....which is speaking about when i was bizarrely and unknowingly drugged with a dangerous amount of cocaine while eating a butterscotch sundae at a really busy fast food restaurant full of families! still to this day, we don't know how or why...i just happened to be the random recipient somehow....

so, when i penned this song, i had been through some rather extremely traumatic life events...there were some dark moments that left me wondering if i would ever see sunlight again...BUT I DID.



i naively drank the poison

i believed the lies

i was left brokenhearted

i became paralyzed

i could talk about all the sad things

i could sit around and feel real sorry for myself

i choose not to be a victim

instead consider me a survivor

this could be my finest hour



somebody once told me

coming out of the dark's a bright experience

before you know it

you're laughing more and life makes sense

somebody once told me

if you can ride out the storm

the sun will come again

i've been holding my breath

sitting on the edge of my seat

waiting on this welcomed awakening


i've been afraid to feel

you know, it's easier to be numb

God knows i've been trying to heal

'cause i believe in freedom

i've been embracing revival

'cause i'm too young to feel this tired

i've been trying to reckon

with my clay hands and feet

i recognize my deep need





maybe God's more concerned

with growing us up

than the pains of cutting teeth

and the struggles of crawling




written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)



drums-matthew a. mendians

electric bass-jr mcneely

acoustic/electric guitar-shane martin

bgvs-anne davis