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anne davis: music/behindthemusic

may your cokefloats be overflowing

(anne davis)

the story behind the song--

this song was written for michelle and jon mims for their wedding.

here's an e-mail i sent a friend on monday, may 21, 2001 giving her an update on how things went with finishing the song for the wedding....

"thank you for lifting some prayers up on my behalf for my latest 'thrown together' wedding song.

finally (at 2:30-3:00am eastern standard time, early saturday morning--the wedding being at 3:00pm that day), i was able to somewhat piece together something to sing at the wedding....after attempting over and over....and over....for many fog-filled

[the night before the wedding, my mom snored in bed as i squeezed and forced lyrics into some sort of placement--we were staying at a hotel there on cape cod]

she had actually tried to help a couple of days before, knowing what i was up against and knowing how sick i was and running fever and all.

but we just think so differently. so, unfortunately, it wasn't an option to co-write (but, then again, for me, it usually isn't).

anyway, is finished....(sigh).

and, oddly enough it seemed there was great favor at the wedding....though so ridiculous, because of how the song was thrown/forced into 'becoming a song'....even my presentation felt very compromised and shaky.

and i was so nervous. i hadn't gotten to write the notes above the words...and , of course, i didn't know the song very well....and i hadn't sung publicly since baja, hungary....and i was still battling the drip in the back of my throat...etc...

not to mention, my shoes being way too big and falling off....more like flip-flops...and being a maid of honor for the first time and not knowing what i was doing....nor the 'when' part of 'what'....

so, i was nervous.

and had felt like i had somewhat 'sucked'....

so, it was really difficult for me to believe people's kind words....because it seemed so was as if i could have sung 'row, row, row your boat' and even terribly off tune and they would have still thought it was wonderful....

one lady commented on how well the song flowed and then some....(i thought, an unbelievable comment)....and someone else was eager to know what the name of the song was, and i sheepishly told her, 'well, it didn't have a name yet'.....she didn't realize i had written it.

this past weekend.....gone...and yet another experience dropped into my memory to remind spite of my GREAT 'lack of'.....HE turns [muddy] water into wine.

sure grateful.

it had to have been an 'ALL ABOUT HIM' miracle of giving everyone deaf ears to what i was actually playing, and putting in place of ME, 'piped in ' music from HEAVEN.

had to have been....[scratching my head, perplexed, puzzled, but very relieved].

the song is around 5 minutes worth....and i had to cut out 3/4 of what i had written down to go in the song....lines i even liked better, but wouldn't fit....

i do like the melody. i feel it's fairly strong. (maybe that was the ace in the hole at the wedding).....???" (laughing)




i arise today

through a mighty strength

the invocation of the Trinity

through belief in the threeness

through confession of the oneness

of the Creator of creation


here is my prayer for you

that the Lord would bless and keep you

may you see the evidence of His goodness

in the little things

may your cokefloats be overflowing



may you skip so eagerly

may you run headlong into your destiny

may you come as a child into the kingdom of God

may you find arms opened wide

may you feel a great wonderful smile

from the One who created and formed.

you may you know your value, know your worth

in knowing you are God's artwork.


may you always know the right kung fu moves

and know the holy force of God is with you

may you have the courage of bilbo baggins

to strap on a sword and follow a path

that leads to the unknown


may your bedtime cereal be full of sugar

may your bedsheets be cool in the summer

may the koolaid man actually appear

right in your backyard

when you call out, "hey koolaid."




i arise today

through a mighty strength

the invocation of the Trinity

through belief in the threeness

through confession of the oneness

of the Creator of creation.


written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)

*NOTE-first and last verses are taken from st. patrick's breastplate.



acoustic guitar-shane martin

pennywhistle-rob higginbotham

"Jesus loves me" song intro-jack rabbit davis