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anne davis: music/behindthemusic

dear nanny

(anne davis)

the story behind the song--
writing this song felt like pulling teeth. there was so much there. i really didn't know how to condense all the feelings and deep emotions into a 5 minute song. here are some thoughts i had (in 1998) as i kept attempting to write this song.

"so, i pick my pen up and i put it back down. and i pick it up again. and i write. i edit. i re-write and i re-edit. i'm lost knowing how to land my heart here on paper--i don't know what to say--what not to say. but, what i do know is it is time. it's been five and a half years. this letter is overdue.

i thought with time i'd be able to dismiss the ache. the sadness. the tears. from missing nanny so much. from feeling her absence in my life.

when my own grandmother, who i had been so close with, passed away two months after nanny, i went through the normal grieving process. but, when nanny died, i had no one to grieve with who had known her--no one to remember nanny with--the way she laughed or smiled. the way she could tell a story. the way she loved pineapple cream cheese and bagels. the way she embraced those she loved and made them feel like they hung the moon. how fun she could be sitting up with talking till the wee hours of the night.

nanny had been like a grandmother to me. we were so close. she had felt like family.

i feel i never got to tell nanny goodbye. i didn't know when i last talked to her on the phone that night--it would be my last. i thought i was seeing her in two days. i didn't know when i headed to nashville to stay with her, that i was actually driving up for her funeral.

five decembers have come and gone since nanny went home--but, i'm still at the funeral trying to find a way to tell her goodbye.


written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)



acoustic guitar-shane martin

cello-ron de la vega