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anne davis: music/behindthemusic

days like these

(anne davis)

the story behind the song--
i remember the evening that i went into the studio to cut these vocals. i felt peaceful--and i felt like i was allowed the gift to be right there in the moment.

on the way, i had made a stop at a friend's house for prayer that the night would go well and that i would be able to finally lay down some vocals that i felt i could keep.

for months, i had been fighting a terrific sinus infection that had caused me to waste a lot of time and money in the studio. therefore, causing me a lot of anxiety and fear issues about returning to the studio to try yet the point of trembling.

well, after i was prayed over, my nerves completely subsided. it was just the shot in the arm that i needed. my "crash and burn" nosedive had been canceled.

the studio i was using at the time happenned to be not far down the street. i went in. lit a candle. had the lights turned off in my vocal booth. stayed focused. felt every word that was sung, even to where my voice cracked a little during one of the verses because i was tearing up. it ended up being a meaningful time for me.

there were two vocal cuts that i chose from. both had their share of missed notes and imperfections, but in the end, i decided to go with one of the two because it was such a memorable evening. i had faced my demons and overcome the looming cloud that had been hanging over me.

it seemed to mark a real breakthrough.


written by anne davis

© sometimes i write songs (BMI)



acoustic guitar-shane martin

piano-paul hovda