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anne davis: home

the door is open, come on in. this place is a wreck, but if you're brave enough you're welcome. pull up a chair and i'll put on some coffee. looks like the pull of this life has worn you thin. please know you got a friend. --(lyrics from the song "no, i'm not going anywhere")

"come a little closer" music video from Japan - February 3, 2016

So, I just happened to stumble across this wonderfully filmed video with my song "come a little closer" used as the background song for someone in Japan to display their filming talents. They entitled it Panasonic LX100 YOKOHAMA.

Enjoy! :-)


"where the roads cross" played on British podcast - January 20, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hope this year started off with a BANG bringing only good things with it! Mine certainly did, ushering in the New Year shooting off fireworks for hours in the cold with my nephew and us running quickly inside the house every time we accidentally shot a firework into neighbors' windows and front doors. OOPS! Accidents happen. ;-)

Just heard from the one and only Nick Tann in Britain and he let me know that "where the roads cross" was recently included on an episode on IS THIS THING ON PODCAST. If you'd like to listen in, click on this link, and off you'll go! 

Many thanks to Nick for including me in on the fun!

God bless each and every one of you and may you long look back on this year as one of your very best...

And, please feel free to come find me on my facebook artist page [ ] if you'd like to connect.

Love hearing from each of you! :-)


"where the roads cross" video by gordys suarez - October 2, 2014

I just happened to run across this video on youtube that someone did of my song "where the roads cross" and thought I would share it. Enjoy!


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