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anne davis: guestbook


April 5, 2005

congrats on your site Anne, tis wishes always, in health,career and LIFE!
Love, Mellon

Harold Ragan

March 27, 2005

You have a tremendous voice. I am profoundly impressed.

-A fellow folk artist


March 13, 2005

found you Anna by way of old Besonic. Love'ly music you have flowing. Beautiful is not to good a word to describe what iv'e just listend too

I sure beleve the music your creating is going to put you on a wonderful jurney

all the best Daren


March 12, 2005

This is a nice site!
I have listened to some of your music and think its GREAT!!
Keep it up, and do it for the love of it!


john long

March 10, 2005

friend and brother to hunter lee

Snowball Johnny

March 10, 2005

dear Anne,
i was poking around old besonic and found your site, I don't believe what I hear, I will play your music a lot, as much as my Norah records and I will most surely buy a t-shirt for my Europe 2005 streettour!
Love Johnny

Branch fm

February 28, 2005

hi Anne,
have down loaded some of your songs and will be playing them shortly.
James+Derek branch fm


February 24, 2005

Still great music you`re playing. I came to your songs about 6 month ago. Heard you on "". I`m glad to find your songs again on "". Think EBI from LRS still plays your songs, he`s a big fan. And me too!

Paul Mckendrick

February 16, 2005

Hi Anne,
Your site looks great and your timeless music is still played often at my place! Now I'm going to read some of your quotes.


Edmond Ramsey

February 12, 2005

What a lovely surprise... your website is wonderful and so are you and your music: Wow and you paint too. I really love all your crucifix photos... nice!

You sent me an invitation to my old email which I don't look at so much... otherwise I would have made it here much sooner!

Keep up the good work!

Luv Ya... Edmond

Angie Gerrets

February 11, 2005

I am so impressed! It's so professional! You were made to be a shovel and you're following your purpose. Keep digging!!! I love you, dear friend!

Stephanie M. aka penumbrapoet

February 11, 2005

I added you as a friend on -- and you sent me an email to come here. I have to say that Temple of Contradictions is one of the catchiest songs I've come across in a long time. I look forward to visiting this page again and exploring more of your writing and music. ~s


February 11, 2005

Love your website! You did a great job! I could never have done anything like that. I was blown away by your command of and use of words in your journal entries. They just reinforced what I had thought for a long time -- that you have such a God-given talent with words. Your words bring your deep thoughts and feelings to life so beautifully and creatively that they speak deeply into the souls of your listeners and/or readers. And your words and your music meet and join so perfectly. Use these talents well -- and for the glory of our God, who gave them to you. I love you more than you can imagine, and I'm SO proud of you.

Seags (Flying Heroes/Voodoo Sun)

February 10, 2005

Beautiful voice, great songs...what more could a music lover want. Good luck, Anne.



Jay Fillion

February 10, 2005

Great site. I will have to come back when I have more time. Great music. I will have to hit CDbaby to purchase. (and I have to listen to more college least 3 of the stations listed are in my area!) You must tour up here sometime. Love to see you live.

Michelle Barlow Mims

February 8, 2005

Good job, my old friend! I am proud of you beyond words. Great website and inspiring CD. You are truly on the road to what you have always dreamed of. I enjoyed reading the journal entries--they, as well, were inspiring. I love you more than words......

Christopher Mims

February 8, 2005

Each song is a gem - each melody a heartbeat.
Thank you!

Tim Wheeler

February 4, 2005


I feel enlightened to have found your music. God has truly given you vision and truth.

If you ever make it to the Detroit area, I've got a stage waiting for you... or at least I'll find you one!


Tim Wheeler

Danny Hawk

February 4, 2005

"nothing is as successful as the appearance of success"
Leapold and Loab"

Damn...your lookin' down right successful
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