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anne davis: calendar

Oct 21, 2006 FAMILY REUNION FESTIVAL madison ms usa
Apr 13, 2006 claire de lune coffee lounge san diego ca usa

this was actually my very first time playing on the west coast EVER!....

and the surprise that was awaiting me (once i FINALLY got my friend who i was staying with to break away from a party and drive me there) once i reached claire de lune coffee lounge, was that i immediately learned that the "singer/songwriter evening" that was suppose to include several artists, including myself, had been canceled....

BUT, since i had not been able to check e-mail, i had NO IDEA and showed up clueless and ready to go! (laughing)

so, once the cool, hospitable folks behind the counter learned that i had traveled a long way to be there in san diego, they told me they'd love for me to still play and share my songs....AND instantly began setting up their sound equipment for me and clearing off the stage.

it was rather impromptu, but, hey--i like to think i'm flexible and can "roll with it" when plans and things get, once i could hear my guitar and vocals being amplified, and had all my props in place, i just sat in a chair holding my black guitar--and i leaned in towards the mic and began squeezing out my list o' by one.

AND laughed to myself wondering how i had somehow become THE entertainment and ONLY singer/songwriter for the evening--and had basically been handed over as much time as i wanted...although, the nice person who does the booking had NEVER even heard me perform before--the brave soul!!

anyway, though i was a bit fried and worn out, i felt i was able to "bang out" my songs well enough and say enough interesting, goofy things to successfully keep the locals from tossing hot coffee on me..... :0)

actually, i felt everyone was rather kind and attentive between their sips of coffee and conversations with friends....i never sensed i was being completely tuned out by anyone present--and some even had some generous aftershow comments.

a couple of folks even wanted to know where i was playing next while in town--(too bad i had NO idea what to tell them, since i was without any transportation)...oh well.

so, all in all, i felt my first "LIVE appearance" on the west coast went smoothly....

at least smooth enough to make me sure want to return and do a whole lot more gigs out that way, at another time....

Feb 3, 2006 GEEKERS coffeeshop memphis tn USA
Feb 2, 2006 The Acoustic Spoon at FBC memphis tn USA
Dec 22, 2005 W.C. Don's Jackson MS USA
Nov 19, 2005 CUPS in fondren jackson ms usa

for me personally, the highlights of this evening were having my 2 little nephews, jack, who's 6 1/2 and charlie, who's 4 1/2 each share a song.

jack sang "Jesus loves me" like he did on my cd and charlie sang a song he actually wrote last summer at the beach. needless to say, they stole the show!

and when they weren't singing, it seems they kept fighting over a little blue ball that kept rolling under my feet as i was trying to sing!!! (laughing)

those two kept cracking me up!

another really fun highlight was to have todd thompson, a long-time friend, sit in and play guitar along with me, as well as share a couple of songs during my break.

i realized just how much i LOVE and have missed having other musicians join me when i play out. we hadn't even gotten to practise, but todd did well following me---and i'm not an easy person to follow. we simply called that gig our "practise gig"--i had a blast!

also, a huge thing for me that evening was to FINALLY get to share a NEW song that i've been working on and close to wrapping up, entitled "drag the river". it was a song title that todd had been messing around with and he so generously just handed over his song title to me to use and make into a song.

anyway, it has truly been a great thrill to be writing some again. ive been pushing through the brainfog to finish this one.

Sep 2, 2005 ROCKETOWN nashville tn usa
Sep 1, 2005 CAFFEINE coffee bar and cafe nashville tn usa

the SNL(Saturday Night Live) skit for this evening for me was that i accidentally went straight through ALL of the HEAVY titans game traffic and didn't arrive at the coffeehouse until at least 30 minutes past my time to begin playing--so, i was feeling a bit scattered to say the least and tried to make it a short set, since there were 2 other artist/singer/songwriters on the bill to share the same evening with.

we mostly played to ourselves, since everyone seemed to be at the titans game--BUT i loved being introduced to the songs of these two up-and-coming artists--shwa losben and taylor davis (no relation to me).

anyway, i was really pleased we got to trade cds with one another.

i feel they both are worth checking and

Jul 30, 2005 GEEKERS coffeeshop memphis tn usa
Jul 29, 2005 MO'S coffeehouse memphis tn usa
Jul 28, 2005 MO'S coffeehouse memphis tn usa
Jul 23, 2005 CUPS coffeehouse in madison madison ms US

for me, the highlights of the evening were having my little nephew charlie, who's 4 1/2, sing his own song that he wrote at the beach last summer.

that, and it was great to see several familiar faces of old friends i don't get to see real often.

the SNL(Saturday Night Live) skit of the evening was that the coffeehouse had accidentally double booked, so in one room i was blasting my acoustic folk songs and in another room, this high school kid was blasting his electronica songs along with his computer percussion loops backing him up--it seemed although we were in separate rooms that our music styles were fighting each other. (laughing)

it felt pretty silly, but was a fun evening.

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